This is my personal web page. I plan to make it my ongoing project without much of a purpose – yet. I just wanted a place to throw up a few pictures, maybe try out a few ideas that is not part my business site. I originally purchased this domain over 15 years ago when I had an idea to write a children’s book. Never got there.

What I Do

I build web sites for a living. I originally created websites for a large corporation before there were any major editing tools – which means I used an ASCII editor – before there was JavaScript – before there was even CSS.

Today I create websites through my company East Jersey Tech LLC.

I like to spend my free time running, biking and playing my guitar.


Who I Am

I’m a guy who always dabbled in art. My undergraduate degree is in Visual Communications. I used to paint, make prints and sculpture. To make a living I went into advertising. I worked in a few small firms before landing what I thought was a dream job in a major corporation. But I eventually headed in another direction. I got a taste of technology by supporting graphics software.

After working in the technical field for over a decade I saw the advantage of having both a creative and technical background in the Internet field. I started planning, designing and creating web sites for the same corporation that I once did advertising for. After being a web master for 10 years I set out on my own and started a web design firm - East Jersey Tech.


My Work

I create websites through my business East Jersey Tech LLC. Below are a few sample sites.

My Play

No I haven’t stared in a play. But when I’m not working I like to spend my free time running, biking, playing guitar or just being with my family. Here’ some pictures that tries to capture that.

Say Hello.

One way to follow what I do is to check out my business social media sites or to get in touch just click on the email button.